Real Money Online Casinos NZ

As any legal New Zealand online casino, you will have the chance to play the available games for real money. In essence, this is what makes an online casino earn the title of a ‘real money casino’. But putting titles aside, it can be tough to choose which of the real money casinos in New Zealand you want to actually play at. We get it, which is why we’ve hand-picked the best online real money casinos and listed them right here to make your choice easier. 

All of these casinos are legal, have great welcome bonuses and, of course, the range of games on offer is vast. Fancy giving them a try? Just pick a site and sign up today.

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What is a real money casino?

Basically, if ever you see an online casino described as a real money casino, this just means the site accepts real money wagers for the various games listed. As you might imagine, this also means you are required to deposit funds before playing the games for real cash. This can be done through various payment methods, such as debit cards, e-Wallets, direct bank transfers and PayPal. After doing this, you are ready to enjoy whatever games your chosen site has in its locker!

Staking limits – choosing the right level

The amount of money you should stake when playing online casino games depends on a handful of factors. Before we describe these factors, it’s important you understand the relationship between your stake and potential winnings. Simply put, the more you stake the more you could win, but this is by no means a guarantee. The opposite is also true if luck is not on your side – so, the more you stake the more you could lose. With this in mind, how do you decide on the amount you should be wagering at online casinos for real money?

Your available funds

There’s an old saying when it comes to gambling, you should never wager more than you can afford to lose. This statement has stood the test of time and relates perfectly to staking limits and your available funds. Whenever you wager cash at real money casinos online, there is always the chance you could lose it all. Although this is something players don’t like to think about, that reality has to be faced. Of course, there is always the chance that you could win too.

The terms of the game

The amount you wager tends to have a direct impact on your potential winnings. However, not all games have the same wagering minimum and not all games have the same payout terms. For example, if you choose to play online blackjack, the returns are paid at 1:1 (unless you get a blackjack) and the standard minimum bet is $1. But if you choose to play online slots, you could spin the reels for a few cents and be in with a shot at a huge return, depending on the game that is.

So when you are choosing your stake, regardless of the game, keep these factors in mind so that you find the right balance between your excitement levels and the amount you are spending.

Casino bonuses for real money casino games

Practically all online real money casinos will have bonuses which can be claimed by new and existing customers. The value of these bonuses can vary greatly from site to site and the bonus type will not always be the same. For example, some real money casinos online will offer no deposit bonuses, where you don’t have to invest a cent to bag a bonus. However, some real money casinos will offer first deposit matches, free spins or a combination of the two. To take things even further, there are casino sites out there which offer additional bonuses for players who decide to download the available mobile app.

This is clearly pretty exciting, although if you want to guarantee access to some of the more competitive online casino bonuses in New Zealand today, make sure you stick to the sites we’ve recommended. Not only do these sites have the best bonuses in terms of their monetary value, they are also the best as far as wagering restrictions go too.

Real money games on mobile

If you want to get a comprehensive experience at real money online casinos, you have to pick sites which have a mobile app. After all, with the busy lives we all lead today, sometimes we just don’t get the time to sit at a laptop/PC and play our favourite casino games. This is precisely where mobile apps prove to be invaluable. Not only can you deposit funds with ease through real money casino mobile apps, but you can also play top-drawer slot games, table games, live casino games and even access exclusive promotions by enabling push notifications.

So, feeling ready to sample some real money online casinos today? Don’t forget to register at any of our suggested sites and make use of the welcome bonuses before they disappear.


What is the standard minimum deposit with online real money casinos?

When it’s time to make a deposit in order to play real money casinos online, you’ll usually have to stump up anywhere from $5 to $20 to meet the minimum. Naturally, this can vary between the different online casinos available, and the minimums fluctuate based on your chosen method too.

Do you have to download software to play games at these casino sites?

No. In 2022, the vast majority of online casinos operate with a ‘click and play’ style. The days of needing to download software to play are long gone, even for live casino games.

Is it safe to play at online casinos for real money?

Yes, as long as you stick to online casinos which are operating legally and have been vetted by a team of professionals. You could try and find these casinos for yourself, or you could keep things simple by playing at the recommended sites you see on this page.