Fast Withdrawal Casinos NZ

Everybody loves it when they win some money at an online casino. After all, this is what everyone hopes for when they open a new account with any online gaming provider. However, there’s a particular speed bump that often dampens the spirits as and when you do win any money with a site. The speed bump we are referring to here is slow withdrawals, which is exactly why we’ve put this post together.

Our dedicated team here at Casino Select has researched some of the top fast withdrawal casinos in New Zealand today. These are perfect sites to avoid those slow waiting times when requesting your winnings, and if you feel like giving any of them a try, just pick a site and sign up today.

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What is a fast withdrawal casino?

Simply put, a fast withdrawal casino is classified as a site that will process withdrawal requests and payout funds significantly faster than regular sites. The standard processing times at most sites in New Zealand can range from 3-5 business days, yet the best fast withdrawal casinos tend to blow this timescale apart.

In fact, if you check out any of the sites that we have listed on this page, you will find that they all payout on withdrawal requests in under 72 hours. As you can see, this is faster than the industry standard, meaning you will receive your winnings much quicker than you would at alternative betting sites. Of course, this means less frustration on your part, which is always a positive thing.

With that in mind, these fast withdrawal casinos are only able to payout on requests thanks to various supported payment methods on the site. There are several methods that naturally process transactions at a much quicker rate than others, and some of these methods will even process in under 24 hours. In a nutshell, this is what you can expect to find at some of the best fast withdrawal casinos in New Zealand. 

How to request a withdrawal

If you are ready to request a withdrawal from an online casino, this usually means that you have managed to win some money. Of course, this is already a positive factor, but you still need to know how to initiate a withdrawal in the first place. The standard process for requesting withdrawals is more or less the same on most betting sites, which is why we have put a detailed guide together on how to do this right here. 

  1. Sign in with your new online betting account
  2. Look for a link to ‘banking’
  3. Select withdrawal from the list of options
  4. Pick the desired withdrawal method you’d like to use
  5. Type in how much money you’d like to withdraw
  6. Process the transaction

After you have followed these steps, you should receive confirmation of your withdrawal request via your chosen communication methods. This could be via email or phone, and the confirmation notice should come through almost immediately. Note that when you request a withdrawal, it will not process instantly. 

There is always a standard pending period before your withdrawal request is approved, but if you stick to the fast withdrawal casinos on this page, this is much shorter than at other sites. Once your withdrawal request is actually approved, depending on your chosen method, funds should reach your account in less than 72 hours. With that said, if you pick some of the e-wallet methods, this could be complete in much less than 72 hours. 

Before we continue, we should stress that it is always beneficial for you to verify your account once you have signed up at any site. This can easily be done by emailing through proof of address and proof of your identity. For example, you can simply take a photo of your driving license or passport, and take a photo of a utility bill to prove your address, then email this through to the site. This will help to remove any unwanted delays when processing withdrawals. 

Fast payout payment methods 

It’s one thing finding a fast withdrawal casino that offers you the ability to access fast withdrawals, but this is just the first step in the filtering process. Once you have sourced one of these sites and signed up, you then need to process your withdrawal requests through methods that are naturally quick. There are actually quite a few methods where withdrawals are typically processed much quicker than others, and we have gone into detail for these in the categories below. 

Note that some of the available methods require that you actually go ahead and set up a third party account, but these are always free to do, not to mention that they are highly secure. 

Debit Cards

First up on this list, we have debit cards. The great thing about using debit cards is that just about everyone has one, so there is no need to go and sign up for any kind of third-party provider to process your withdrawal request. There are usually three major debit cards that are listed at all of these fast withdrawal casinos, and these include MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa. 

Through any of these cards, you should receive your money in under 72 hours, and there are typically zero fees. In addition to the processing time and zero fees, it’s good to know that you are usually protected by your bank when processing requests through debit cards. This is largely due to the fact that banks use cutting edge data-encryption to shield your information and prevent it from reaching the wrong hands. 


If you’ve never come across Neteller before, it is what’s known as an ‘e-wallet’, much like PayPal, which you are probably familiar with. This has actually become a hugely popular e-wallet in 2023, although you do need to head to the main Neteller site to set yourself up with an account if you are to use this service. The good news is that this is very simple to do, and once you are set up, you can enjoy rapid withdrawals (often within 24 hours), additional data protection, and high withdrawal limits.

Specifically for high-rollers, it is important to note that Neteller permits transactions of up to $50,000 at a time, which is fairly significant. Just like the other methods we have talked about in this list, you won’t incur any fees if you choose to process withdrawals through your Neteller account. 


You could describe Skrill as a close cousin of Neteller, as this is another e-wallet option that you may want to consider using. Just like Neteller, it is absolutely free for you to visit the Skrill website and set yourself up with a new account. Through Skrill withdrawals, you can enjoy many of the standard benefits of using e-wallets too. This includes high withdrawal limits, fee-free withdrawals, and extra layers of protection since you are not actually disclosing your sensitive financial information when cashing out from a site.

This is because it is Skrill that holds such information, and you must withdraw funds back to your Skrill account before you can then transfer them to your bank account. Pretty much all of the fastest withdrawal casinos support Skrill as an option, so it is absolutely worth your time to set up an account with this provider. 


Finally, we have PayPal, which is arguably the most popular payment method that is used online today. PayPal has built up a fantastic reputation due to its security, reliability, and fee-friendly service, and just like the other e-wallets, it’s completely free to set yourself up with a PayPal account. This method can be used at almost every online casino site these days.

Not only does PayPal provide you with a way to get your funds in just a few hours, but it is incredibly secure. Your information is shielded by PayPal when making a withdrawal request, and if anything doesn’t quite go to plan, the team at PayPal will chase things up for you. Just like the other e-wallet options we’ve talked about, PayPal has a separate account where you can hold your funds before transferring them back to your bank account.

New Fast Withdrawal Sites

In New Zealand, there is certainly no shortage of online casino sites for you to choose from. However, it’s always exciting to unearth some of the new betting sites that make their way to market, as you just never know what could be in store. In fact, many of these new betting sites offer larger welcome bonuses to compete with the bigger sites in the market, and they can often be home to a ton of new casino games. By choosing one of these new betting sites, you can benefit from all of these features.

Of course, the new fast withdrawal sites that are listed on our page are all safe and legal to use. If you are to go exploring on your own, however, it is critical that you do your own due diligence before signing up with a site. This can require an awful lot of research, and you won’t always have a long track record to look into since the sites are brand new.

With that said, we would encourage you to stay on the safe side and simply pick a site that we have already checked out and verified. 

Quick Payouts on Mobile

The online casino market has gone through quite a transformation in the last decade or so. These days, almost all of the top sites have some form of mobile offering for you to use, and of course, quick withdrawals can also be made through these mobile platforms. The very best fast withdrawal casinos now have a mobile app that can be installed on iOS and Android devices, although if you don’t want to get the app for some reason, they all have a mobile site.

These mobile sites can be accessed through just about any smartphone or tablet, although you’ll typically find that native apps provide a more superior experience. This is largely down to the functionality of these apps, along with their simple interfaces. On top of this, you can enable push notifications through native apps so that you are given a nudge when new games or bonuses become available. 

Fast Payout Slot Sites

The best online casinos these days offer you a wealth of games to explore, and the diversity on offer is always impressive. With that said, slot gaming is still the cornerstone of any online casino site, and when you find hundreds of slot games along with fast withdrawals, this is often a win-win situation. Naturally, it is completely up to you whether you want to spin the reels at 3-reel, 5-reel, megaways, jackpots, or any other slot games, but if you are like most online casino users, you will still want to receive your winnings as quickly as possible.

The beauty of fast payout slot sites is that they still support many of the quickest methods available, and this includes methods such as PayPal, debit cards, Skrill, and Neteller. The vast majority of these sites charge absolutely zero fees for you to process withdrawals too, which makes things even better. 

By now, you should be feeling pumped up and ready to try out one of the fast withdrawal casinos we have talked about. To do exactly that, remember to choose a site from our list of hand-picked brands, and go and have some fun. 

Do I pay anything extra to receive my money quickly?

No. Just about all of the fast withdrawal casinos we have mentioned on this page do not charge any fees whatsoever to process withdrawals, and you certainly won’t incur anything extra for the withdrawal to come through quickly. 

Can I always process withdrawals on my mobile?

Yes. Whether you are trying to process a withdrawal through the mobile site or through the native app that is likely available, you should not have any problems at all, as the process to actually initiate a withdrawal is often very straightforward. 

What can I do if my withdrawal request doesn’t come through?

While it is extremely rare that you will experience any hold-ups with your withdrawals if this does happen, you will need to contact the customer support team. Customer support representatives can often be reached through social media, live chat, email, and phone.