Best NZ Online Slot Sites

So, you’re looking for the very best slot sites in New Zealand? There are lots to choose from. You can try your luck on the pokies in between playing roulette or pull the one-armed bandit after beating the odds at blackjack. What’s more, you’re likely to find that playing online slots opens up a whole host of new and exciting games. From swashbuckling, pirate-themed slots to vintage pub-style pokies, there are lots of ways to spin and win. We’ve picked out the best online slot sites New Zealand’s has to offer – simply compare and sign up!

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What makes a top slot site?

When playing online slots, you’re going to want to know that your money is safe and secure. That’s why we only recommend casinos that guarantee the use of encrypted transactions and trusted payment methods. That way, if Lady Luck is on your side and you do hit the jackpot, you won’t ever have to worry about being swindled out of your payout.

The best slot sites will offer a wide variety of games. The whole point of taking your playing to the digital world is that you’re no longer limited to the classic fruit machines you had back in the bar. In fact, you’re likely to be spoiled for choice on the best online slots of all. 

We also like to put user experience front and centre when ranking the aces of the NZ slot sites world. If online casinos are consistently complimented on their accessible interface, customer service, and uncomplicated sign-up pages, that’s a serious selling point. 

How to play slots

Slot sites are very similar to slots in a traditional casino. You’ll still see the reels, your spin credits and your total balance. The basic aim of the game remains to match up symbols over what’s known as a payline. It could be lemons in a row, a trio of diamonds in a zigzag, some dollar signs going diagonally – you get the idea.

You can choose to play just one or multiple paylines. The more you go for, the more spin credits you’ll need to wager. On the flip side, the more credits you wager, the higher and more likely a win with online slots becomes. Of course, it’s important to gamble responsibly – set limits and never go beyond them or chase your losses.

Types of slot

You could transport yourself to the gaming halls of Vegas by choosing a three-wheeled classic pokies game. They are ubiquitous on most slot sites, offering a simple interface with a nostalgic feel – think fruit symbols and that familiar “Ding, ding, ding!” when jackpots come in.

Then there are video slots. The most modern incarnation of the game, these utilise audio-visual and digital elements to make the online casino experience all the more immersive, and many of the best online slots boast titles with state of the art graphics and enthralling mini games.

Real money vs free play

You know what they say – you’ve got to be in it to win it. Only, when it comes to slot sites, that’s not entirely true. Yes, you’ve got to be pressing the buttons and choosing your bets and paylines. But that doesn’t mean you actually have to risk any cash. Free play slots are available on some of New Zealand’s best slot sites. They’re perfect for those who simply want to enjoy the game. There’s no risk and there’s no cash reward. You can play for free to get a grasp of how slots work, or simply just for fun.

New slots

The most avid pokies fans will be happy to hear that new games hit the best online slots all the time. Some are high-octane video slots that’ll transport you to the canyons of the Wild West. Others are retro slots with fruit symbols and arcade sound effects. Then you’ve got the online slots that are based on current affairs. The very best online casinos will feature new slots on a regular basis – keep an eye out for promotions celebrating the latest releases. 

Playing slots on mobile

There are two ways to enjoy online slots while on the go. The first – and our recommendation– is to install the app for a particular slots site and get playing. You’ll need a mobile device that’s running a compatible operating system, like Android or iOS. The best online slots companies usually make their software easily downloadable and simple to set up.  

Don’t fancy downloading an app? Pretty much every online casino has a mobile web app. They will let you keep spinning and hunting those paylines no matter if you’re in the snow-capped Southern Alps or lazing on the remote beaches of the Coromandel Peninsula – all you need is an internet connection.

Slot bonuses

Slot bonuses are one of the best ways to feel the thrill of slot sites without the risk. These are essentially free spins. They’re usually available to new customers as a sign-up incentive but can also be loyalty rewards or limited offers. Some big welcome bonuses require you to make a deposit first, while other smaller rewards are offered on a no deposit basis. Of course, we always take these sorts of perks into account when we’re judging the top-rated online slot sites and best online slots in New Zealand, so you can usually look forward to complimentary goes at the fruit wheel when betting with our tips. 


Which slots have the highest RTP?

RTP means Return to Player – it’s essentially the percentage payout you can expect to get on any given slots game. If there’s an RTP of 92%, then you’re looking at winning an average of $92 for every $100 you put in. Obviously, it doesn’t always work like that, because jackpots mean returns often come in bulk, so wins are rarely shared across consistent bets. 

Generally speaking, the best online slots will have a high RTP because that means more cash coming back to your wallet. You can usually find the stats listed on a casino’s website, which is important because slots can change considerably from provider to provider. 

Do all online casinos offer slots?

There’s no hard rule that says all online casinos need to double as slot sites. However, these classic games are a huge draw and account for loads of the action on web-based gaming portals. The upshot? Virtually all of the top-rated NZ casinos offer slots of some sort, while most have a mind-boggling variety of pokies to get stuck into. 

Which providers are most popular? 

There are loads of slot sites in New Zealand worthy of mention. Kiwi gamblers love a bit of Play Amo. They’ve got an online casino with a whopping 600 different pokies on the menu. Jackpots in a Flash is another favourite, thanks largely to its big welcome bonuses. And then there’s Spin Palace, which is known for its mobile-friendly interface and accumulating jackpots. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface of the very best online slots the islands have to offer.  

Are online slot machines rigged? 

The best online slots options will always play to the rules. That means being honest about the RTP of their games, so that you can make informed decisions about your gambling. Of course, there are scam sites out there that will try to swindle you off your hard-earned betting money with less-than-honest pokies. But that’s one of the main reasons to check reviews of slot sites before you place any money on the table.

Is there a slot strategy to improve chances of winning? 

There’s no universal playing strategy to game the online slot sites. But that’s all part of the fun. You’ll need to discover your own rhythm and your own style of play. We’d recommend settling on a type of online slots that suits you – choose between video and classic slots, with different jackpot formats. And, most importantly, always enjoy your betting, sensibly and in moderation. 

Where can I find low/no wagering slot bonuses

Lots of places. The no-wager bonus is one of the most common giveaways of slot sites. The best online slots providers will usually have a particularly tempting offering – think something along the lines of 100 free spins plus a cash bonus that matches your initial deposit up to a certain amount. 

Are no deposit slot bonuses too good to be true?

Nope – you can score no deposit slot bonuses for all sorts of reasons, most commonly being a new customer at various slot sites. They’ll let you have a set number of free rolls without having to spend a single cent. The winnings are all real and the thrill is the same. You’ll just need to hit the wagering limit (the amount you need to bet after receiving a bonus) before you can cash out your spoils.