Best Texas Hold'em Casinos

For a long time, poker has been a game favoured by players who love to test their nerve, wits, intelligence and overall skill levels. This is all part and parcel of trying to outsmart the player across the table, with the ultimate objective of winning the hand. It’s an incredibly competitive card game and Texas Hold’em poker has been adapted to suit individual play at the best NZ casino sites. This is made possible thanks to a range of Texas Hold’em games where you can play directly against a dealer, rather than against a table of other players.

Don’t worry, all will soon become clear. But for now, if you’d like to get started and put your skills to the test, just pick a site below and sign up. 

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Texas Hold’em Explained

Texas Hold’em poker is a specific variation of the popular card game which is regularly referred to as ‘poker’. This umbrella term actually engulfs many different poker styles and variations, but of course Texas Hold’em has its own unique rules and style. The many games available at the top Texas Hold’em casinos all follow a somewhat similar structure, even if the exact rules for betting, strategies and payouts can differ. So, in the most general sense, when you play a hand of Texas Hold’em poker, you’ll need to post a bet in order to play, commonly called the ‘ante’. This goes alongside the two cards which the dealer will give you to kick things off.

Once this is done, the real excitement of Texas Hold’em poker kicks in. A ‘flop’ then occurs where three cards are put into the middle of the table. You can then reassess the strength of your hand based on what’s come out. This process is then repeated as a 4th and 5th card is issued into the pot. If you manage to strike better card combinations than the dealer, you’ll win. 

If any of that sounded completely foreign to you, please read through an explanation of the basic terms right here:

  • Call – signals that you’ll meet the bet that has been placed
  • Foldsignals that you are surrendering your cards
  • Antethe money you must stump up to participate in a hand
  • Checksignals that you are happy not to bet
  • Flopthe first three cards which get dealt
  • Turnthe 4th card dealt by the dealer
  • Riverthe 5th and final card dealt by the dealer

Keep in mind that you can always play some free poker before going for the real thing too. 

Basic Strategy

Regardless of the Texas Hold’em poker game you choose to play, there are certain things you should try to do. The advice we are providing here isn’t guaranteed to bring you any profit in real money poker, but it’s will keep you on the right path. Focusing on the strategy, there are a handful of things you should be looking to do:

Bet heavy with strong cards

Remember, the overall objective here is to make a stronger combination of cards than the dealer. Since there are varying bet sizes you can make in Texas Hold’em poker, if you believe you have the best hand, make sure you try to take down the pot for yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to fold

To be involved in a hand, you have to post the ante bet. However, if you think that your cards are terrible and there is very little chance of coming away with a strong hand, it’s fine to fold. In fact, it’s a wise move, especially if you don’t have a bunch of cash in your account. This is where it’s better to play conservatively. 

Slow-roll when fishing for less common combinations

This is one that regular Texas Hold’em poker players could debate for hours. For many card combinations which rely on five cards, such as a straight or a flush, you might find yourself fishing for one extra card and needing to bet. In this instance, it’s a good idea to move slowly and try to ‘check’ as much as you can to get a cheap look at the next card. 

If a bet comes in where you then need to stump up some cash to see the next card, just assess the situation, think about your actual winning chances and take it from there.

Texas Hold’em on Mobile

Here’s the great thing about choosing to play Texas Hold’em compared with other casino games – the games are perfect for mobile. The top Texas Hold’em casinos not only have multiple Texas Hold’em games for you to play, but they are also available through state-of-the-art mobile apps too. All you need to do is install these apps which are often available for iOS and Android devices, pick a game and then you’re ready to roll. It really couldn’t be easier. You can take Texas Hold’em poker with you wherever you go these days. 

Texas Hold’em Bonuses

Taking advantage of the many online casino bonuses available isn’t a crime. In fact, it’s something experienced Texas Hold’em poker players use to gain an edge over the casinos. After all, the house always has an edge over the player, so why not grab bonuses where you can? As you can probably see on this page, the best Texas Hold’em casino sites have bonuses such as mobile-only offers, deposit matches, loyalty schemes and protection against net losses. 

And since you’re not limited on how many casinos you can sign up with, you could grab all of the welcome bonuses listed on this page, should you have the time.


Do Texas Hold’em poker bonuses have wagering requirements?

Yes, but then again, most casino bonuses do. The exact terms and conditions associated with the bonuses you choose to redeem can be found within the small print of the offer. Take some time to get familiar with them. This will help avoid any surprises down the line.

Is it easier to play against a dealer rather than play in a cash tournament?

Yes. It’s certainly less hectic and less complicated to a certain degree to play Texas Hold’em poker against a dealer rather than against several other players at a cash table. However, it all depends on what kind of Texas Hold’em poker you feel like playing on any given day. There is nothing wrong with switching things up to keep things interesting.

What are the more common variations of Texas Hold’em poker at these sites?

You’ll typically find Texas Hold’em casino sites have games such as Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em, Bonus Texas Hold’em and various others. Keep in mind that several of these games can also be enjoyed in a live casino setting, which helps to crank up the excitement levels.