New Zealand’s Best Online Craps Sites

When people think of craps, they often imagine scenes of flocks of players around a table in Las Vegas cheering and celebrating the roll of a dice. While this is a pretty accurate image, you can now also play craps online at a bunch of sites in New Zealand. That’s right – there is no need to venture out to a physical casino any more to enjoy this classic game.

This is rather exciting, since craps is one of the most popular casino games. But you will want to choose the best craps sites for the ultimate online experience. Our team at Casino Select has shortlisted the top sites to play craps online right here, so all you need to do is choose a site, get registered, then try your luck at the craps tables today.

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How to choose the best craps site

Having the chance to play craps online isn’t something new, but there are certain sites in New Zealand which offer a better craps experience than others. But how do you find the best sites to play craps? We’re glad you asked. We like to review each of our recommended craps sites according to a set of criteria, as shown below:

  • High payout percentages
  • Proof of legal status
  • Number of different craps games
  • Friendly user experience
  • Competitive bonuses
  • Mobile-friendly

Of course, the most critical factor is that a site is operating legally. To give players peace of mind, we only ever recommend those that are. Beyond the site’s legal status, all of the other factors contribute towards the most enjoyable online experience possible, which is exactly what we want to help you find on through this page.

How to play & craps rules

Craps is a hugely popular casino game, but it can seem a little complicated to those that haven’t played before. Basically, there is a player known as the shooter, and this player kicks things off for each and every round. The shooter throws the dice to see what the first outcome will be, and there can be one of three outcomes on this first throw:

  • Natural – shooter rolls a 7 or 11
  • Craps – shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12
  • Point – shooter rolls any other outcome besides numbers mentioned above

Before the shooter rolls the dice, you can bet on the pass line or the don’t pass line. Essentially, if you bet on the pass line and the shooter rolls a 7 or 11, you win. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. The ‘point’ numbers shown above are what gets registered if the shooter rolls anything besides a 2, 3, 7, 11, or 12. From here, the shooter will continue to roll the dice until they shoot either the point number or a 7. The hope is that the shooter rolls the point number before they roll a 7, as this is where you will win.

Note that this example is for the ‘pass line’. If you choose to bet on the don’t pass line, you are essentially betting that the shooter will roll a 7 or 11 before rolling the point number. Here you will then win your ‘don’t pass’ bet. But if the shooter rolls a 12, this is a push – and your stake is then refunded. These are the fundamental bets in craps, but there are also ‘come bets’, ‘place bets’ and others you can explore when you become more familiar with the game.

Craps software

The best craps sites run games on software, rather than actual live action. The only exception is if you choose to play at the best live craps sites, where you are then playing in a real-life setting where a dealer is controlling the table. There are a number of craps software providers that do things better than the rest:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • BetSoft

Between these providers, you can find a bunch of online craps games with great graphics, simple gaming interfaces and even live craps tables. Although these software providers supply the online craps games, you don’t actually need to download anything at all to get started and play.

Craps strategy

While there is no secret formula to guarantee winnings at the best craps sites, there are a few ways in which you can turn things in your favour. The strategies we’ve identified below are perfect for a beginner to an intermediate craps player, with some being easier to implement than others:

  • Always bet the pass line – it keeps the house edge at 1.41%
  • Use your online bonuses to play with ‘free cash’
  • Bet on don’t pass or don’t come – it reduces the house edge to 1.38%
  • Lay bets – lay a specified number (wins if 7 is rolled before that number)
  • Place on numbers 6 or 8–- the most commonly rolled numbers after 7

If you are brand new to craps, this may seem a little foreign at first. For that reason, we’d suggest trying to play craps in ‘demo mode’ before going at it with real money. This will allow you to become much more familiar with how you can play craps online in general, as well as how to implement any strategies.

Playing craps on mobile

Pretty much all of the best craps sites have a mobile platform these days. This makes them ideal for playing craps online while you are on the go. You’re never too far away from your most favoured craps games. By installing the available native apps, you will have access to plenty of online craps games, both virtual and live. You can even gain exposure to exclusive mobile bonuses in the process. To take things further, these apps allow you to turn on push notifications to receive updates on new games and additional bonuses.

This is ideal if you plan to play craps online on a regular basis. We should also highlight that the performance of these apps is just incredible too, especially if you stick to the best craps sites we’ve mentioned on this page. If you’re feeling ready to dive in with some awesome online craps action, why not pick a site today and get yourself signed up?


Is it easy to make a deposit at these sites?

Yes. Most sites support deposit options such as PayPal, bank transfers, debit cards and even e-wallets. You shouldn’t have too much trouble with funding your new account.


Does it take a while to run through the registration process?

Not at all. You can run through the entire sign-up process in 5 minutes or less at the best craps sites.

How much must I bet to play craps online?

This is one of the best things about choosing to play craps at the top sites. You only need to bet a minimum of $1 on average in order to participate.