Blackjack Real Money

Looking for a game to test your brain, give you a little more control over the outcome and supply you with plenty of excitement? If so, try online real money blackjack. This popular table game is available at many New Zealand online casinos right now, with more variations on offer than you could imagine. As usual, our team at CasinoSelect has unearthed the best real money blackjack online sites of 2023 and shortlisted them for you here.

So, if you fancy a competitive game of real money blackjack today, why not sign up with a recommended site? It takes less than five minutes to do so. As you will see, there are some rather handsome welcome bonuses just waiting to be claimed, too.

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Why play real money blackjack?

As exciting as playing online blackjack for real money can be, there are a number of other more hidden benefits. Without wasting any time, let’s get right into these benefits.

Relatively high RTP

RTP, meaning ‘return to player’, is something new online casino gamers won’t really think about. Basically, this number, expressed as a percentage, indicates the average number of wins you can expect out of 100 hands. Blackjack has one of the highest RTP’s of all casino games, with titles such as Vegas Single Deck Blackjack having an RTP of 99.69%.  

Greater control over the outcome

When you play blackjack, whether it’s live blackjack or virtual blackjack, the ball is in your court, so to speak. With all online real money blackjack games, you can control the narrative to a certain degree. Sure, you can’t control what cards the dealer gets, but you can control what you do with your own, which makes blackjack a less random game compared with others such as roulette. 

Both live and virtual games available

Blackjack is also one of the more adaptable online casino games. It can be played as RNG (random number generator) blackjack, live blackjack and it can also be played on mobile (more on this below). This means you can expect a pretty good range at leading NZ gambling sites, although we must confess the live blackjack games courtesy of Evolution Gaming are some of our favourites. 

Ideal for mobile gaming

To put it bluntly, not all games transition very well from desktop to mobile. Real money blackjack isn’t one of them. In fact, simple interfaces that allow you to play a hand with ease, combined with drag and drop systems for your virtual chips, makes blackjack a well-suited game for mobile play. 

Return to player (RTP)

This is a term you will come across for most online casino games, whether it’s online slots, roulette, poker, blackjack or any others. RTP, which stands for return to player, identifies how many wins you can expect to receive from that specific game. Here’s another secret surrounding the world of real money blackjack online – these games have some of the highest RTPs of all. In fact, many games have RTPs above 99%, suggesting your money will last longer during a blackjack gaming session. You may even strike a series of wins in a row. 

Basic strategy

You may have heard blackjack described as ‘21’ among the casino gaming community. Of course, this is the main objective of blackjack – to get as close to 21 as you can without going over. Although this might seem fairly straightforward, real money online blackjack is more intricate than that. Firstly, you have to secure a hand higher than the dealer and you have to make the right plays with your own cards to maximise your chances of victory. 

This is easier said than done. But at the basic level, there are certain strategies you can follow to at least do the right thing with the cards you are dealt. Here are these common, strategic plays:

  • Never ‘split’ a winning hand – example, two face cards against anything less than a 10
  • Split combinations of Aces or Eights
  • Stand on anything from 12-16 if facing a 2-6 from the dealer
  • Double down if you have an 11 against anything from 2-10
  • Hit on anything from 12-16 if the dealer has a 7 or above

These strategies aren’t guaranteed to secure a win in real money online blackjack, but they tend to be the right plays to make.

Real money games on mobile

If you don’t typically have the time to sit at your laptop or PC to play online real money blackjack, or maybe you just prefer to play on mobile, this section is for you. At the recommended casino sites on this page, you can enjoy mobile blackjack through native apps and/or mobile sites. This means you can enjoy a hand whenever you’ve got a spare few minutes, from wherever you might be. The quality of mobile blackjack is just as good as it is on major desktop sites. 


How much money must I spend to play real money blackjack online?

Not as much as you might think. For starters, there can be a 5 dollar minimum deposit at many NZ casino sites. Beyond this, to play a hand of real money blackjack, regardless of whether it’s virtual or live blackjack, you’ll regularly see minimum bet values as low as $1. 

Is it safe to play real money blackjack at NZ online casinos?

Yes, providing you stick to our recommended real money casino sites. All of our sites have been vetted for their legal status. The security measures in place at each site have been rigorously tested too. It is also safe to play real money blackjack at these sites on both the desktop and mobile platforms, as the same safety measures are in place for both. 

Do these sites require that I download any software to play?

No. Given that online blackjack games are now developed with HTML5 software, there is no longer a need to download software at any casino sites. All you need to worry about is choosing a game, clicking it to get started and then having some fun.