Top High-Stakes Blackjack Casinos

Besides being one of the most popular casino games of all time, blackjack is also a game that is perfect for high-rollers. It requires a combination of luck and intelligent decisions if you are to win big against a dealer, and only gets more thrilling when there’s plenty of money on the line. With that said, high stakes blackjack is by no means suitable for everyone, as there are substantial risks, as well as substantial rewards. To add to that, you should never wager more than you can realistically afford to lose.

But if you have the funds and are looking to truly ramp up your online blackjack experience, check out the high stakes blackjack sites listed below.

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Why play high stakes blackjack

The key difference between standard blackjack and high stakes blackjack is the amount of money involved. This is where many players claim high stakes blackjack sites are more preferable to sites that only accept lower stakes. But why?

Potential winnings

Blackjack is typically paid out at a rate of 1:1, which means that if you win a hand of blackjack and wagered $2, you would gain $2 in profit. The only exception is if you actually land a blackjack on your first two cards, in which case your winnings are paid out at 3:2. However, if you go down the high stakes blackjack route and wagered $1,000 on a hand, you would gain $1,000 profit if you won the hand. As you can see, the potential rewards are substantially larger should you stake more.

The thrill

Although this is by no means recommended for everybody, from a responsible gambling standpoint that is, high stakes blackjack often carries a greater thrill factor due to the amount of cash involved. Let’s face it, you can’t compare the rush of betting $1 per hand vs $1,000 per hand, and this is something high stakes blackjack sites facilitate. Just as a reminder, the higher the stakes, the higher the risk.

Betting limits at high stakes blackjack sites

High stakes blackjack sites allow you to wager substantially more cash per hand than many other sites in New Zealand. However, there’s quite a broad range of how much you can bet depending on your site. There are sites out there which accept bets up to and including $1,000. But there are also sites which accept bets up to $10,000 and above! 

Live high stakes blackjack sites

The potential perks and appeal of playing high stakes blackjack are undeniable, but there is something better – playing live high stakes blackjack. This option is available at many high stakes blackjack sites, providing an environment in which you can go head to head with a real life dealer without stepping foot outside your door. All you need to do is head into the live casino section at your chosen site, browse through the available blackjack games and dive right in.

These days, live high stakes blackjack games are particularly advanced, meaning the streaming quality is excellent. Other features such as in-game chats as well as multiple camera angles are almost always included.

High stakes blackjack on mobile

If you thought you’d have to sit down at a PC or laptop to get involved in high stakes blackjack, you are mistaken. These days, most of the high stakes blackjack games, including live high stakes blackjack games, can be enjoyed directly from your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is access your account through the mobile site or via the mobile app your chosen casino supports, and you can be involved in a high stakes hand within minutes. 

High stakes blackjack software developers

Although a growing number of software developers have various blackjack games in their portfolios, there aren’t many that have high stakes blackjack games readily available. Here are a few of our favourites:


Playtech is one of the very best developers when it comes to live high stakes blackjack. It currently has the largest live casino studio out of any other provider, and through games like Ultimate Blackjack, the excitement just never ends. While this is great for live high stakes blackjack, Playtech also has another major benefit, as most of the games are perfectly suited for mobile play.


Compared to the other providers listed here, Microgaming has a much better overall selection of high stakes blackjack games. Prime titles that Microgaming currently boasts include the likes Vegas Strip Gold and Atlantic City Blackjack, but the most popular of them all is arguably European high stakes blackjack. But whichever game you choose to play, you are in for a treat.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the very best, if not the best, live casino gaming providers in the world. As you might imagine, this provider has raised the bar when it comes to live high stakes blackjack. With incredible streaming quality, alongside several variations ranging from the VIP tables to Salon Prive, Evolution Gaming really is a high-roller’s paradise for live blackjack.

High stakes blackjack bonuses

Assuming playing high stakes blackjack is your ultimate objective when signing up to any online casino listed here, things are a little interesting concerning your available bonuses. The most common form of bonus you’ll be looking to claim would be a first deposit match, but such bonuses only go as high as around $1,000 on average. So while you can access these bonuses, they won’t serve you all that well for high stakes blackjack. In contrast, the VIP programs and their related offers will be far more beneficial for you to explore, as these rewards are often tailored specifically to high-rollers. 

By wagering plenty of cash through the available high stakes blackjack games, you will rapidly climb through the VIP levels and be rewarded handsomely for your loyalty. In fact, as you reach the upper levels of these VIP programs, you can expect to receive much larger deposit matches, as well as various cash back incentives.


Do online casinos payout high blackjack winnings quickly?

All of the high stakes blackjack sites listed here will payout almost instantly on winnings up to and including $100,000. However, should you land a win which runs into the six-figure or even seven-figure region, it could take slightly longer to receive your cash.

What are the best payment methods to make a large deposit?

In order to play high stakes blackjack, it’s necessary to deposit substantial sums of cash into your account. While there are quite a few payment methods you could use which have high deposit maximums, the best include the likes of Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and direct bank transfers.

Do the online casinos listed here also have ongoing promotions for high-stakes blackjack?

Absolutely. Apart from the large casino bonuses on offer for brand new players, most of these sites will have ongoing offers such as additional deposit matches, cashback incentives and even exclusive mobile promotions.