The Best Free Blackjack Casinos

Blackjack, or 21 as some refer to it, is one of the leading online casino games which has stood the test of time. Players have enjoyed this classic casino game for decades in physical casinos, but nowadays blackjack is widely available online for anyone who wants to test their skills. As it happens, you don’t necessarily need to invest your hard-earned cash to enjoy this game either. In fact, there are many New Zealand online casinos today where you can play free blackjack games – without any of the financial risks typically involved with casino gaming. If you’ve heard the term ‘free blackjack no deposit’ before, this is what it relates to.

We’ve sourced the top sites where players can enjoy free casino blackjack right now… and they are all listed below. All you need to do is choose a site, open an account and away you go.

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Why play free blackjack?

Besides the obvious fact you don’t have to invest anything at all to enjoy free online blackjack, there are a number of additional reasons why you should explore this avenue. 

Zero financial risk

Playing free casino blackjack means you are not required to stump up any money whatsoever to have some fun. By investing no money, there is, therefore, no financial risk, but also no potential for financial gain. This is the primary difference between real money blackjack play and free blackjack play. Real money blackjack does carry financial risk, but there’s also potential for profit (although not guaranteed). 

No risk of problem gambling

Players who choose real money blackjack gaming are naturally exposed to the financial risks involved with online gambling. Here’s another ugly truth – real money gambling can sometimes lead to players gambling more when chasing losses and wagering more than they can afford to lose. However, free online blackjack is the perfect environment for players to gamble responsibly, largely thanks to the absence of real cash.

You can sample a wide range of games

With blackjack being such a popular online casino game, the world’s leading software providers have produced a huge range of different blackjack games for people to enjoy. When you go down the free online blackjack route, you can experiment with as many of these games as you please. In short, this allows you to determine which blackjack versions you like the most. Once again, you won’t have to risk a cent for the privilege.

How to play free online blackjack games

To play free blackjack games, you must create an account with a registered online casino which supports free blackjack play. Many established and new gambling sites allow players to get started in ‘demo mode’, also known as ‘free play mode’. To help you get started with free online blackjack as quickly as possible, we’ve created a step-by-step guide for what you need to do:

  1. Choose your online casino

New Zealand is home to many different online casinos, which can make it difficult for players to choose just one. However, if you are seeking those sites with the best range of blackjack games and the largest casino bonuses (if you decide to play with real money), make sure you stick to the sites we’ve recommended here.

  1. Run through the registration process

Although you can play free blackjack games at online casinos in NZ, you still have to open an account, since the activity is technically classed as ‘gambling’. To do this, you’ll have to provide a few bits of personal information such as your date of birth, full name and address. This is to ensure you are legally allowed to have an online gambling account.

  1. Verify your account details

All online casino sites are required to check the details you’ve provided, once again, to ensure you can legally own the account. To do this, you’ll likely need to email the site with a photo of your ID (driving licence or passport), as well as proof of your address (bank statement or utility bill).

  1. Pick a game and play

After you’ve set up and verified your account, it’s time to have some fun. Check out the popular online blackjack games first and foremost, but since you won’t be limited on funds, you can check out as many of the games as you wish.

Play free blackjack on your mobile

One of the main benefits of sticking to the free online blackjack sites we’ve listed here is that they all have a mobile app you can download. Therefore, no matter where you might be, you are just a few taps of the screen away from enjoying whatever blackjack game you like. These days, you can enjoy free blackjack with bonus incentives such as huge multipliers, as well as classics such as single hand blackjack or multi-hand blackjack. The possibilities are almost endless. Thanks to huge improvements in mobile app developments over the last few years, you can enjoy awesome graphics, simple interfaces and so much more through these casino apps.


Can I actually win real cash when playing free online blackjack?

No. Whenever you play a free blackjack game online, you won’t have the chance to win any real cash. Then again, you won’t have to spend any cash to play either. 

Do I have to create an account to play free blackjack games?

Yes. Since free blackjack games are available through regulated online casinos, you will still need to make an account in order to play. Don’t worry, though. A standard registration process at New Zealand casino sites can be completed in under five minutes.

Is there a limit on how many times I can play free blackjack?

Not at all. You can enjoy free online blackjack until your heart’s content, and if you ultimately want to switch things up and play real money blackjack, this can also be done once you’ve made a deposit.