Best NZ Blackjack Sites

Blackjack is a comparing card game that puts you against the dealer in a bid to get as close to 21 as possible without going bust. Unlike many other casino games, it’s not entirely a game of chance. There’s some skill involved in determining the outcome, which is why it’s a favourite amongst many online casino players. We’ve lined up the best of New Zealand’s blackjack sites, all you need to do is compare and sign up to start playing 21 today.

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How we rate and review the best blackjack sites

At we work hard to bring our users the best blackjack sites in New Zealand and beyond. We continually review the market to bring you information about new casinos as well as any updates to established sites. Our expert reviewers put every casino to the test across the strict criteria below, ensuring you are in the know when it comes to choosing a site that’s right for you:

Bonuses – We look into the size, quality and wagering requirements of any welcome bonuses, special offers and VIP perks.

Games – Plenty of blackjack variants is important, as is live dealer blackjack from a range of top software providers.

Design – Sites that put effort into their branding and design will fare best.

Device support – We expect a high quality experience across a diverse range of mobile, tablet and desktop platforms.

Cashier – We review deposit and withdrawal methods, times, restrictions and currencies.

Security – Data encryption services are analysed as well as customer feedback on sites.

Blackjack software


Well known for pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation, NetEnt is the software house behind the live dealer release Perfect Blackjack which deals cards according to perfect strategy. The NetEnt Virtual Casino takes live dealer games to the next level, while regular online blackjack fans have great options in Double Exposure Blackjack and Pontoon at NetEnt casinos, with all games running excellently on mobile thanks to the NetEnt Touch platform.

Evolution Gaming

Live dealer blackjack players have their pick of VIP tables, including live dealer Salon Prive blackjack which offers some of the highest bet limits of all sites. Casual players will enjoy low limit Infinite Blackjack and low stakes Blackjack Party.


Producers of some of the most unique random number generator (RNG) blackjack games on the market such as Buster Blackjack and Lucky Lucky Blackjack. Playtech also has five live dealer blackjack tables to choose from, all streamed from their top-of-the-range casino in Latvia.


Developers of perhaps the widest range of RNG blackjack variants including Atlantic City Blackjack and Vegas Strip Blackjack.

Blackjack game variations

Blackjack sites offer a large number of game variations for players, from low limit games to high stakes. The house edge varies depending on game and site but online blackjack has one of the lowest of all casino games at around 0.5% to 1% for most variations. Here are the most popular:

Blackjack surrender – Players get the option to forfeit their hand after being dealt the first two cards and only lose half their wager. 

Blackjack switch – Players are dealt two hands rather than one and have the choice of switching the second cards dealt to create the best possible hands.

Double exposure blackjack – Both the dealer’s cards are dealt face up making players’ decisions slightly easier, although casinos compensate by offering lower payouts with the dealer winning on ties unless you hit a natural blackjack.

Perfect pairs blackjack – Side bet where you win if your first two cards are a pair, with the payout depending on the strength of the pairing.

21+3 blackjack – Another side bet which pays out if your first two cards and the dealer’s hole card from a flush, straight, three of a kind, straight flush or suited three of a kind. 

Pontoon – Both the dealer’s cards are dealt face down making it harder for players, but to compensate, a natural blackjack payout is 2:1 rather than the normal 3:2.

Single deck blackjack – Just one deck is used with some sites offering a house edge as low as 0.1%.

Super fun blackjack – Several twists on traditional rules, with the main difference seeing a player’s hand consist of six cards or more and beating the dealer when totalling 20 or less even if they have 21.

Progressive blackjack – Uses traditional rules but players can also aim at a progressive jackpot in side bets.

Multi-hand blackjack – Maintains classic blackjack gameplay but lets players play several hands simultaneously, with some sites offering up to five at once.

Using bonus funds while playing at blackjack sites

Plenty of top blackjack sites will hand you welcome bonuses to use for a shot at 21. They come in all different shapes and sizes but will probably boil down to no deposit and matched deposit bonuses.

No deposit bonuses are loved by players as they feel like true freebies, just for signing up. Perhaps $20 in your account to play online blackjack with, although they will likely come with wagering requirements you need to meet to withdraw any associated winnings.

Matched deposit bonuses are when a casino either matches or gives you a percentage of what you deposit in your account. This could be anything from 25% to 200% but there is almost always a cap on the bonus.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions before going ahead, some sites don’t allow bonuses to be played on blackjack while others come with wagering requirements, maximum win caps, time limits and game restrictions.

Live blackjack

Live blackjack is the best way to immerse yourself in this first-class casino classic. The best blackjack sites in New Zealand will almost certainly have a selection of live blackjack titles for you to pick from. So, not only can you test your skills against a live dealer, but you can also sample a wide range of games to keep things fresh and exciting, alongside other key benefits of course:

Benefits of live blackjack

Access to leading blackjack games

While New Zealand’s best blackjack sites will offer both random number generator (RNG) and live blackjack games, the latter is where the real excitement can be found. This isn’t just because live blackjack games put you face-to-face with a live dealer. It’s also because some of the best blackjack games, such as Quantum Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack and Perfect Blackjack, help create that feeling of anticipation. And that’s not to mention the unique elements these games have, such as huge multipliers. 

Suitable for high-rollers

As touched upon previously, live blackjack gives players the opportunity to hit the high-roller tables in style. Such tables can be seen in the form of Salon Privé Blackjack, Soirée Blackjack and through exclusive VIP tables, which are unlocked by doing what high-rollers do best – spending big! While regular live blackjack tables may allow you to bet up to $100 per hand, high-roller tables can let you push the boat out. In fact, many tables let you wager anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000, which can lead to significant wins, as well as significant losses. Remember, do gamble responsibly

Available on mobile

There’s a common misconception in the online gaming world that live blackjack requires a software download and that it can only be played through a desktop site. Neither of these assumptions is true. Live blackjack requires zero software download and many of your favourite live blackjack games can be played on mobile. Given the remarkable internet speeds we enjoy these days, you will get the same HD streaming quality, the same responsive set-ups and, of course, complete freedom of location by pursuing this avenue too.

Best live blackjack software providers


Playtech is, without doubt, one of the top software providers right now. The top live blackjack casino sites all tend to support games from Playtech. Some of the best titles include the likes of Quantum Blackjack, Ultimate Blackjack and 21+3 Live Blackjack. Boasting phenomenal streaming quality, multipliers of up to 500x on select games and being completely mobile-friendly, Playtech deserves its spot as one of the very best live blackjack developers today. 

Evolution Gaming

Alongside Playtech, Evolution Gaming is another live blackjack gladiator. All live casino games provided by these guys are exceptional, which is probably why they’ve won the award for ‘live casino operator of the year’ more times than anyone else. But specifically for blackjack, Evolution Gaming is the proud supplier of games like Party Blackjack, Power Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. The range on offer is extraordinary and we recommend you try out their games when you can.

Blackjack on mobile

Playing online blackjack on mobile is commonplace with online casinos offering great experiences through dedicated apps or mobile-optimised sites via your mobile browser. You can now get the same quality as you’d expect when playing on desktop thanks to software developers building games with HTML5 technology.

The range of blackjack games which are being developed for mobile gaming is picking up pace, which means mobile blackjack is now becoming equally as extensive as playing blackjack on a desktop. Of course, you can also carry such games with you wherever you go. Just download the available mobile apps and your favourite blackjack games will be right there in your pocket. As for the other benefits and reasons to play on mobile, read on.

Why play blackjack on mobile?

Equal quality

These days, the quality of blackjack games on mobile is just as good, if not better than desktop sites. Thanks to significant improvements in mobile software, you will experience top-notch graphics, flawless response times and player-friendly interfaces, whether playing on a smartphone or tablet. With that said, we would recommend playing from mobile apps as opposed optimised sites, and the best mobile blackjack casinos tend to have these available. 

Freedom of location

This might be the most obvious benefit, but it’s one we must highlight. Playing blackjack from your smartphone creates complete location freedom, providing you have data coverage or access to a secure Wi-Fi connection that is. After all, who knows when the mood will strike where you want to play right away?


It’s not just the quality and location freedom that draws players to play mobile blackjack – it’s also the convenience factor. Rather than needing to fire up your PC or laptop, while being at home, you can now log into your account within seconds via mobile apps and optimised sites. Thanks to factors such as Face ID and Touch ID, which can be used to log in through gambling apps, getting started with a game of mobile blackjack really couldn’t be easier. 

Potential setbacks of mobile blackjack

Reduced selection of games

Although this setback needs to be noted, it is by no means as significant as it used to be. Software providers have purposefully adapted many of their blackjack games to now suit mobile play. Although while this is great, not all blackjack games have made the transition as of yet, which does reduce your options to some extent. 

Dependence on internet connection

Assuming you will be playing mobile blackjack out and about, your internet connection becomes quite critical. While many smartphones now support 5G connection speeds, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive great coverage from wherever you might be. The knock-on effect is that a subpar internet connection can cause mobile blackjack games to lag. The quality can suffer as a result. 

Free play blackjack

If you want to try a variant of online blackjack for free, most casino sites will offer demo games. This is great for beginners, players checking out different versions, those wanting to try out new strategies or just play for fun without the pressure of staking real money.

You won’t be able to win any proper cash on them though and live dealer blackjack games are only open to real money players.

Quick how to play guide & rules

The concept of blackjack is pretty straightforward – get as close to 21 as possible without going bust. But unlike roulette and slots there is a skill element to the game, which comes in when deciding whether to stick or twist your hand.

Here are some tips to help you play blackjack online:

  • The value of cards 2 to 10 corresponds with their numerical order. Jacks, Queens and Kings are also worth 10, with Aces worth either 1 or 11 – you decide.
  • Each round starts with the player and dealer receiving two cards, player’s both face up but the dealer gets one face up and one down – the ‘hole’ card.
  • Now you can either hit or stand – hit means drawing another card, stand keeps your hand as is. You can hit as many times as you want before going bust.
  • If your first two dealt cards are the same value you can choose to split them. Now you’re playing two different hands for the rest of the round. Or you can double down where you double your bet in exchange for another card, but this would be your final hit.
  • The three ways to win at blackjack sites are hitting a natural 21 on the first two cards – say Ace and King – having a higher hand value than the dealer at the end of the round or the dealer going bust. If both hands finish on 21, the game usually resets with your stake returned.

Is it possible to play online blackjack for free?

Absolutely. Many of the best online blackjack sites allow you to sample some of the leading blackjack games for free. While you will still need to create an account, once this is done you can then explore and sample as many games as you wish to. Of course, you can then switch from free blackjack to real money blackjack by simply depositing funds. 

Can I still get started even if I’m not sure how to play?

Yes. However, if you aren’t too sure how to play blackjack, we highly recommend that you sample the games for free at first. This will allow you to learn the game without risking your cash right off the bat.

Am I eligible to redeem welcome bonuses for blackjack?

You can redeem a welcome bonus at any blackjack casinos where you do not currently hold an account. Of course, you must also meet the sign-up requirements in New Zealand to be able to legally register and play.