Best Mobile Casino Apps

In 2023, casino mobile gaming is better than it has ever been. We’ve seen vast improvements in recent years for software, games and interfaces concerning mobile play. Thanks to these improvements, mobile gaming has evolved to such a point where playing games on your phone is basically as good as playing them on a desktop. 

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When using an online casino from your phone, you will generally have two options – a mobile site or native mobile app. We will largely be focusing on native mobile apps here as they tend to be far more preferable than mobile sites. Innovations such as push notifications, quicker loading speeds, and better navigation tools are all factors for why this is the case.

We will be getting to all of that on this very page, but since you can install such apps with just the push of a button, why not choose a site from the list and give it a go? 

How we Choose the Best Casino Apps

With the number of mobile apps in the market increasing all the time, you need a site to show you which the best ones are. That’s where Casino Select comes in because we have a streamlined process to find the best of the best. Our dedicated team reviews each and every mobile app listed on our pages to ensure that you get the best experience possible. If you’re eager to know what factors we look for, check out the list below:

  • The value of the welcome bonus
  • Range of ongoing promotions for current players
  • Overall gaming selection available
  • Ease of use
  • Range of payment methods open to all members
  • Quality of VIP/loyalty programmes
  • Accessibility of customer support
  • License validation for every brand

Mobile Sites vs Native Apps

As you may already be aware, there is a big difference between mobile sites and native mobile apps. To access a casino mobile site, you need to pull up a browser from your phone, such as Safari, and enter the mobile site address. You’ll usually find that the layout of mobile sites follow quite a similar style to the desktop counterpart. 

Native mobile apps, however, work just like regular mobile apps that you’d install for other services on your smartphone, and the apps can be directly installed from either the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

It won’t always be the case that a casino site will have a native app available for download, however, so if this occurs you will need to use the mobile site. By using a mobile site, you will naturally save storage space on your device since you don’t need to download an app, but then you do lose out on the benefits that using native apps have. 

Benefits of Using Native Apps

Using native apps is generally much more preferable to using mobile sites, so let’s have a look at why this is the case. 

Push Notifications

Do you ever get tired of missing out on key updates concerning games and bonuses with casino sites? Well, that will be a thing of the past if you choose to install a native app. By enabling push notifications, you will receive flash updates on your smartphone, and you can jump straight to the app to see what’s occurring by clicking the notification. 

Simple Interfaces

Generally speaking, native apps are presented in a much clearer and simpler way than mobile sites. This is because the sections are usually more condensed, and thanks to factors such as drop-down lists, you’ll find that you can navigate around the app with no problems. The bonus of a simple interface also flows over into the games too, as you’ll find that you can change your stake and place wagers very easily for most casino games. 

Fast Navigation

Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend a long time searching for relevant sections or games on a casino site. If you’re like most people, you will want to be able to get to where you want to be quickly and easily, which is exactly what a native app does. Given that these apps are a bit more ‘streamlined’ than mobile sites, you’ll notice that loading speeds are quicker, therefore reducing the time for your desired game or page to load up. 


Not only can you shortlist your favourite games on most apps, but thanks to tracking measures, casino sites will come up with suggestions and even tailored bonuses based on your gambling activity. This is something that you just don’t get with mobile sites, and with some native apps, you can change how the games are presented, the colour schemes, and more. 

How to get Started with a Mobile Casino App

It is incredibly easy and convenient to get set up and start using a casino mobile app. Given that these apps can be installed with the push of a button from the respective app store, it really doesn’t take long at all. Just follow the steps that we’ve outlined below to get started.

  • Pick an appropriate site

First and foremost, you need to pick a site that you’d like to sign up with. We would recommend choosing a site with a decent welcome offer and an extensive selection of games, but of course, you will have your own individual criteria too. 

  • Download the app

After filtering down to the right site for you, it’s time to install the app onto your device. This can be done through the App Store if you have an iOS device, and through the Google Play Store if you have an Android device. 

  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus

The very best casino sites will have a welcome bonus open to any and all new members. Make sure that you take full advantage of such offers, as this is a great way to hit the ground running. Note that you may need to make a deposit and wager some funds to unlock a bonus, and this will always be shown in the terms and conditions. 

  • Experiment with the available games

After using the welcome bonus, we would encourage you to try as many of the available games as you can. To jump to the best games, look for a section that will be shown as ‘featured’ or ‘recommended’ on an app, and give them a try. 


Out of all of the casino gaming categories you can play, you’ll typically find that video slots are the most extensive. This is where you can spin the reels on 3-reel and 5-reel games, but the best sites will also have megaways, progressive jackpots and other variations. This type of gaming is purely random, but it also requires the least player involvement, making it very easy to get started with. 


As far as casino games go, they don’t get much more random than roulette. After all, this is the main attraction of the game, because the ball will naturally find its way to a random number on the wheel. If you have backed that particular colour or number, then you are in the money, but if not – better luck next time. 


Blackjack is a bit of a fan favourite for two main reasons. To start with, blackjack has the best odds in the casino, which means that players have the highest chance of winning compared to the house edge. On top of that, it’s a game where you have a bit more control over the outcome, as you can choose to hit, stand, split, double or surrender, as well as a few other key plays. The top sites have many variations of this popular casino game too, so you’ll never find yourself short on options. 


Bonuses come in two forms really with casino sites – welcome bonuses and existing player bonuses. Of course, welcome bonuses are what draw players in initially, and you might find free spins, deposit matches, cashback incentives and other kinds for welcome bonuses available too. Existing player bonuses often follow similar styles, and as the name suggests, they are open for all current members of a site. 

Payment Methods

It goes without saying that since these casino sites operate with real money, you need real money in your account to play – simple. There are many payment methods you can use today to fund your online casino account, and these include methods such as debit cards, bank transfers, Paysafecard, e-wallets (Skrill/Neteller/PayPal) and even pay by phone at some sites. 

The majority of these methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals, and a breakdown of fees, as well as processing times, can often be found on each individual site. 

Download Your Favorite App and Play Today!

Having the ability to pull up your online casino account and play from anywhere provides convenience and flexibility for you as the end-user. With the advancements in mobile apps today, the quality of your experience will not suffer by choosing to play through your mobile, and of course, by having hundreds of games right there on your device is always a great option to have. 

If you’re feeling fired up and ready to give some of these apps a go, then be sure to pick a site and register today. 

Can I register through casino mobile apps?

Of course. Once you have installed the desired mobile app onto your device, you can run through the registration process and sign up. This works exactly the same way as it does on the main desktop sites, and yes, you can also grab the welcome offers from the mobile apps too. 

Are casino mobile apps safe and secure to use?

Absolutely. Casino mobile apps are just as secure as their desktop counterparts, with SSL encryption often used for sensitive pages and extra firewall measures in place to protect other data on the app.

Are there any further safety measures I can put in place to protect my account?

Yes. The beauty of using mobile apps is that you can enable factors such as a fingerprint login on an iPhone. You can also set up two-factor authentication, as well as enable a unique 4-digit code on some sites that you can use in addition to your usual login details.