New Gambling Sites in New Zealand

With the New Zealand gambling market becoming increasingly popular, new gambling sites are emerging fairly regularly. It’s always an exciting time when looking for a new site to join, but it’s important to keep certain factors in mind. You need to check whether a site is operating legally, how competitive the bonuses are, if the gaming products are suitable for you, and much more. As you can probably guess, checking these factors at new online gambling sites can take a lot of time – and it takes a lot of effort to find the best sites.

Alternatively, you can look to find the best new gambling sites with a trusted resource, which is just what we offer at Casino Select. Saving you hours of research, our dedicated team has hand-picked the best of the best. To get started, just pick a site from our list and get yourself signed up.

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    The casino providers listed on this site have been chosen with our team’s best effort to ensure relevance and suitability to the user. We monitor the performance and reputation of all providers on an on-going basis and adjust our lists to provide value to the user. In addition to this, where we receive compensation from operators in order to maintain a free service, this compensation may affect the operators listed and the position in which they appear.

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How we choose the gambling sites on our list

We take great pride in giving you direct access to the best new gambling sites in New Zealand. However, you are probably wondering how we do this, as well as what we actually look for with any new gambling websites. Among other things, we check out the following factors:

  • Competitive sign-up bonuses
  • Operating legally
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Protected transactions (encryption technology)
  • Support for responsible gambling

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the factors that are a must before we even think about promoting any new gambling site. As you can see, the main objective here is to ensure that you are using a trusted and legal site. After we have guaranteed the legal status and security of a new site, we then dive into other elements such as bonuses and the overall product offerings. This can be time-consuming, but in the interests of giving you access to only the best new gambling sites in NZ, it’s a process we happily undertake for every site we list.

Why play at new gambling sites

New online gambling sites obviously don’t have a proven track record, unlike some established brands in the market. This can sometimes cause a bit of apprehension, which is only natural. But assuming you stick to trusted sites like the ones that we’ve listed, there are actually a number of benefits of sourcing new gambling sites.

Larger welcome incentives

One of the first things we look for with new online gambling sites is how appealing the welcome bonus is. Since new sites are looking to make a dent in the market and trying to stand out from the crowd, these welcome offers can be quite large. Currently, you can expect to find new player bonuses such as deposit matches, free spins and sometimes a combination of these two. 

Brand new games available

Any online casino worth mentioning will always have a combination of slot games, table games, live titles and more. However, by signing up with the best new gambling sites, you’ll tend to find the very latest games are usually on offer. Thanks to major software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt, new online casinos often boast games that have only been released in the last few weeks and months. 

Better usability

Advancements in software and website building tools means the user experience at new online sites is often better than those that have been around for quite a while. These improvements can easily be noticed by better site layouts, an increased number of filters, quicker loading speeds and innovative designs. 

Mobile experience often superior

These days, most top casino sites will have an optimized mobile site. The very best though will also have a slick mobile app that members can download. On that note, new online gambling sites tend to make a real effort in putting together superior mobile gaming platforms. Remember, you won’t always be at home when you feel like playing, which makes this factor super important to pay attention to.

Best new gambling sites

There is no shortage of new online gambling sites in the New Zealand market. Yet assuming you want to register with the best new gambling sites, you should only stick to recommended sites from trusted resources. It’s always better to pick a new site that has been reviewed for top features, vetted for its legal and safety status and thoroughly investigated to ensure that you will get the best experience possible. 

All of the new gambling sites mentioned on this page fit this description. Therefore, all that’s left for you to do is browse through the new online gambling sites listed here, pick a site that suits what you are looking for and then register. The registration process for pretty much all of the new gambling sites we’ve shown takes around 5 minutes, so you could be up and running quickly.

Best new mobile gambling sites

When it comes to finding new online gambling sites from a mobile-play perspective, things change a little bit. All of the key features, including top games, legal status and user experience, remain a priority, but there are a few other factors to consider. These are as follows:

  • Availability of mobile app
  • Banking options on mobile
  • Mobile-exclusive bonuses
  • Range of games

Once again, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but these are prime factors to search for when considering any of the new gambling websites in New Zealand. To make things as easy as possible, we’ve shown you the best new online gambling sites for mobile right here. 


Is it safe to play at new online gambling sites?

It is absolutely safe to play at a new online gambling site, but only if you stick to sites that have been vetted by a trusted research team. Our team at Casino Select has years of experience in reviewing new sites, so you can have peace of mind when signing up with any of our recommended sites.

Are the welcome bonuses larger at new gambling sites?

In short, yes. Since new gambling sites are looking to pull you in and compete with other more established brands, larger welcome incentives are usually present. For example, many new sites offer deposit matches of 100% or more, or can have more than 50 free spins on the table. Some sites even combine both of these offers.

Does it take a long time to sign up with new gambling websites?

Not at all. Once you’ve spent the time to find a new site to join, you can then run through the registration process from start to finish in just a few minutes. You can head directly to the registration page with our recommended brands through the direct links too, which makes things even easier.