Although online gambling is fun, it should always be done in a safe manner. One of the best ways to ensure this is to set limits on your account. Specifically, we are referencing deposit limits and time limits here, although there are other measures you can take too. All of the top NZ casinos have settings which can be altered to implement these restrictions. So, if you’re ready to take intelligent precautions in order to keep your online gaming adventures fun, just pick a site below and sign up. 

Basic safe gambling tips

Just about every casino site in the world promotes responsible gambling. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the player to follow the tips and advice. This is why it’s important to be aware of, understand and act on the advice given. Here are some of our own responsible gambling tips which should keep you on the right path:

Keep a log of your expenditures

It’s easy to check out your deposit history once you’ve logged into your betting account. However, we recommend having a separate log that you can look at with ease. Whether this is stored on your phone, a notebook or something else is up to you, but this will help you to get an instant view of how much you are spending on gambling. You should also have a budget in mind when gambling. If you see in the log that you are going beyond the budget, it’s time to reign things in.

Pay attention to your emotions

This is one of the tougher measures to track, but it is critical to ensure responsible gambling. You should avoid gambling when feeling low, depressed or under the influence of any sort of substance such as alcohol. This is because you are then more likely to wager more than you should and make decisions which may not be logical. On top of this, it’s also important to assess your emotions when you are playing various casino games.

If the primary emotion you are experiencing is fun, then this is a good sign. However, if you feel the urge to spend more money than you should to get the same enjoyment levels you’ve experienced in the past, this is a red flag. Again, jot down your emotions from day to day when playing if you feel like you are having trouble in this department.

Take a complete break if necessary

If things are feeling a little too much, or gambling is causing social or financial problems in your life, the best thing to do is to go cold turkey. New gambling sites and long-standing sites allow you to perform something called a ‘self-exclusion’ if necessary. You can contact customer services to set this up, or you can do so from the settings in your account. Basically, this will prevent you from having access to your account for a predetermined period of time. There is no way of overturning this decision once it has been made.

Therefore, think long and hard about whether you take such a drastic step. But if you really do feel like things are getting a little out of hand, this is the best solution possible. 

Time Limits Explained

Time limits are an effective measure when promoting responsible gambling. As it happens, setting up time limits is nothing new, but it remains one of the best ways to control and monitor your time spent gambling. So, how do time limits work and how do you implement them? Well, when you have logged in to your online gambling account, head to the settings and look for a link for account restrictions or limits. You’ll no doubt see various restrictions which you can set up, with deposit limits being another key restriction.

But since you are setting up time limits here, choose that one. You can establish time limit reminders for how long you have been logged in and playing. This will create on-screen pop-ups which show you when you have reached your specified limit, which could be anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours. Some of the more advanced sites will even prompt you to log out once you have reached this time, which is a handy way of providing players with a direct exit from their session.

Deposit Limits Explained

The secondary limits we’d like to highlight now include deposit limits. As the name suggests here, deposit limits can be set up to prevent you from depositing more funds than a predetermined value. These can usually be set up as part of a daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limit. Once implemented, any changes you wish to make won’t take place for several business days, typically. This delay is specifically designed to prevent the urge to deposit and play more from taking over.

It’s completely up to you regarding what deposit limits you want to put in place. Some players may want to set a $5 daily limit, whereas some may choose a $100 monthly limit. It all depends on the individual. As a side note, your chosen payment method has no impact on the deposit limits enforced.


Are there any resources I can access if I feel that my gambling is getting out of control?

Yes. One of the best resources is PGF (Problem Gambling Foundation) services, which allow you to speak with trained counsellors regarding your issues. These guys also work on steps to control your gambling, as well as a path to ‘recovery’ if necessary.

Can I implement these measures on most casino sites?

Yes, but not all sites will be as advanced as each other. Again, this is why we suggest signing up with our recommended casinos to not only enforce these restrictions, but to ensure they are effectively implemented too.

Is it easy to alter time and deposit limits after setting them up?

Yes, but changes will not be made effective immediately. Should you wish to change deposit or time limits, the changes requested won’t be implemented for several business days. 

Does implementing these measures affect my ability to claim bonuses?

Not at all. You can still claim as many casino bonuses as you like, with the measures having zero bearing on this.