Wagering Requirements Explained

We all love online casino bonuses. However, while we all love the various offers which can be claimed by new and existing customers, there’s one term we all dread – wagering requirements. These two words can keep casino gamers up at night, as they have the ability to make or break a bonus. Simply put, these rollover requirements dictate the distance between your bonus winnings and actually cashing out the funds. So it’s critical to find bonuses with low wagering requirements where possible. 

If that’s what you’re looking for, we strongly encourage you to sign up with one (or more) of the sites listed here. 

Wagering Requirements Explained

The vast majority of online casino bonuses, even those produced by the best NZ casino sites, will have some form of wagering requirements. The reason these terms are looked upon with dread is because they really can alter the value of a bonus considerably. Let’s run through a quick example to show you exactly how rollover requirements work and what impact they have.

For this example, let’s assume you receive a first deposit bonus, and it’s a 100% match on your very first deposit. For simplicity, let’s say that you chose to deposit $50, and therefore you are rewarded by your chosen site with $50 in bonus funds. However, when you look into the small print of the offer, you see that the rollover requirements are 10x. To translate, you need to multiply the wagering requirements by the value of your bonus.

So, for this specific bonus, the playthrough requirement is $500 ($50 x 10) before your winnings will become eligible for withdrawal. This might seem high, but it’s doable. However, if you then take the same bonus and the rollover requirements are increased to 30x, you suddenly need to wager $1,500 to release your winnings. 

That’s how important wagering requirements are in terms of the value you are getting for your selected bonus. 

Other Key Bonus Terms and Conditions

As important as wagering requirements can be, these aren’t the only things you need to be concerned about with casino bonuses. There are a handful of other important terms you need to be aware of to ensure you get the most out of your bonus. Here they are:

Expiration date

Once you receive a bonus, the funds won’t be available for you to use forever. Basically, every bonus will have something referred to as an ‘expiration date’, which indicates the date at which your funds will disappear from your account. 

Eligible payment methods

Unless you are grabbing a no deposit bonus, you will likely need to process a deposit in order to qualify for an offer. Some online casinos have introduced payment restrictions in terms of which methods will count towards an offer. Again, this will be indicated in the terms and conditions of the offer. But as a general rule of thumb, you should be okay using debit cards for all welcome bonuses.  

Game weighting

Although this isn’t always a factor, it can be depending on which site you choose to sign up to. Game weighting indicates a percentage weighting which applies to the games you are spending your money on to meet the rollover requirements. For example, you may see a bonus with 10x wagering. But if table games only have a 50% weighting, effectively you will increase the rollover requirements to 20x if you were to meet the wagering terms purely through these type of games. 

But if you see that this same bonus has 100% game weighting for online slots, it would be beneficial to try and meet the wagering requirements through this gaming category. 

Player eligibility

When attempting to receive a casino bonus, you need to be eligible based on your membership status. For example, if you’ve already signed up at one of the casinos we’ve shortlisted on this page, you won’t be able to take advantage of any welcome offers. That’s because these offers are reserved for new players. But don’t get too wrapped up in this. The top sites will still have plenty of rewards for existing customers through VIP bonuses and other reload offers. 

Responsible Gambling Tips

Although you are likely feeling eager to jump ahead and play at the top sites we’ve listed here, let’s pump the brakes for a second. Above all, we want you to gamble responsibly when playing at these sites, which is why we’d encourage you to follow the tips right here:

  • Set weekly/monthly deposit limits
  • Turn on ‘reality checks’ based on your playing time
  • Take regular cooling-off periods to stay in control
  • Keep a separate log of how much you’ve spent gambling

While you may have your own ideas on how to stay in control, most of these tips can be utilised through the settings of your account. This makes them easy to enforce, control and should serve you well in ensuring your gambling doesn’t become a problem in the future. 


Do all bonuses have wagering requirements?

No. Not all bonuses do have wagering requirements, but this isn’t the norm. It’s far more common for a casino bonus to have some kind of rollover requirements, although we try to find sites which list bonuses with the lowest requirements possible. 

What happens if I fail to meet the rollover requirements of a bonus?

If you don’t manage to fulfil the wagering requirements of a bonus, any winnings you obtained through that bonus will be forfeited. Of course, nobody wants this to happen, which is why it’s important to read the small print before claiming a bonus. This will help to ensure you don’t fall foul of any associated restrictions. 

Where can I find the wagering requirement information for a specific bonus?

Usually, there will be a link alongside a bonus that is labelled as ‘terms and conditions’. By tapping this link, you will be able to read through all of the important information relative to that bonus, including rollover requirements.