Best NZ Casino Bonus Offers

With the casino industry being so competitive, players are spoilt for choice. New Zealand’s biggest gambling brands and new casinos offer a wide range of exciting bonuses for players of blackjack, roulette and slots games, just to name a few.  Of course, with so many to choose from, picking out the best casino for you can be a tough task, so we’ve selected the casinos offering New Zealand’s best bonus deals. Simply compare our featured casinos and pick out your favourite. You can sign up, claim your bonus and start playing within minutes!

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Terms and Conditions

If we could wave a magic wand and relieve all casino promotions of certain terms, believe us, we would. However, terms and conditions associated with online bonuses aren’t going anywhere, not any time soon. Therefore, we must simply acknowledge them, abide by them and ensure we have a complete understanding of the most important terms to make the most of the best casino bonuses. That’s not too much to ask, right? 

To ensure you stay on the right track, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the common terms listed right here:

Wagering requirements

While some bonus offers like matched deposit bonuses, may look enticing with triple figure cash sums, there’s much more to a bonus. You’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true. You’d be right to trust your instincts – these huge deals are almost always coupled with huge wagering requirements. This is simply the amount of times you’ll need to play through any bonus winnings before they’re available for withdrawal. Of course, this may suit regular visitors, but less frequent bettors won’t have a shot at making any real money earnings here, and would be better off looking for a smaller bonus with no or low wagering attached. 

Time limits 

Time limits are part and parcel of almost every single casino bonus you will find. This term can also be referred to as ‘expiration date’. It simply indicates the length of time you have to use your bonus. Failure to use your bonus within the specified time frame will result in the bonus disappearing from your account, which nobody wants. 

Time limits can also be tied in with wagering requirements, so make sure you read the information relating to time limits for your selected bonus. 

Game exclusions

Generally speaking, even the best casino bonuses won’t cover the entire scope of games a casino site offers. This is true for most bonuses, regardless of their variety. For example, if you manage to grab a free spins bonus, certain video slots won’t be eligible for the bonus. If you receive a first deposit match which entitles you to a certain amount of bonus cash, it’s likely you won’t be able to use this cash on every single slot, table game, or live game. You get the idea. There are game exclusions at play.

Payment exclusions

Most of the top casino bonuses will require some form of deposit in order to qualify for them. This is where our final term enters the picture. If expressed in the small print, payment exclusions indicate which methods will not count towards the offer. As it happens, these kinds of restrictions are very common with casino sign up bonuses, as you might find that methods such as Apple Pay, Skrill/Neteller and PayPal might be excluded.

Welcome Bonus

As a new player at any New Zealand online casino, the available welcome bonus is hugely important. This gives your bankroll a boost and can often allow you to get a feel for your new casino without putting much, or in some cases, any of your own funds on the line. Common welcome bonuses include free spins, matched deposit bonuses, no deposit offers and no wagering bonuses

Matched Deposit Bonus

Most commonly offered as a welcome bonus, many of New Zealand’s online casino bonuses offer to match your initial investment, with some offering a 100% matched deposit bonus, or even as high as 200%. 

Free Spins

When you see the word free with any bonus, it’s difficult to not get a little bit excited. Some of the best casino bonus platforms incorporate free spins into the welcome offers for new customers. Many casinos offer them as a reward to existing customers, often celebrating the release of a new slot title. These free spins can vary in terms of how many you can get, the value of them, what games you can use them for, and what wagering conditions they have.

This may seem like a lot of factors to consider, but the hard work when filtering through this type of bonus has already been done for you. 

Hugely popular video slots such as Starburst are often eligible for free play, so if you’re familiar with online slots, you’re likely to find some of your favourite titles available to spin without wagering real money. 

No Deposit

We like to think of a no deposit bonus as a ‘try before you buy’ incentive. This type of offer is without question one of the best casino bonus incentives that you can get your hands on. It quite literally gives you a chance to trial a casino platform without risking any of your own money, and you may just win a little bit too.

Needless to say, winning money through this form of casino bonus isn’t guaranteed, but it is a possibility. These no deposit bonuses can come in a few different forms, so whichever one that you go for will purely depend on your personal preference. They can vary in the following ways: 

Some of the best casino bonus platforms will give you free cash as the no deposit promotion. This could be anywhere between $5 and $20. As for no deposit free spins, typically the value per spin will be lower than your average free spin deal, but it’s still a great opportunity to test the site. 


Whether you want to call it cashback, insurance, money back rewards, or any other terminology when you find a casino bonus that gives you protection against your losses you just have to go for it. Cashback is a great way to give you peace of mind when playing across a range of casino games, yet like many of the other casino bonus offers, the specifics can vary.

Rebate bonuses

It’s not uncommon to see a cashback casino bonus that runs for a particular time frame. For example, you might be eligible for 10% cashback on your casino losses on weekdays only. This means that any money that you lose on the weekend will not qualify for cashback. 

Percentage cashback

When the best casino bonus platforms don’t specify a time frame for cashback, the percentage cashback model is a very popular alternative. These are sometimes tied to specific games, but the cashback that you stand to receive can run indefinitely, or until the end of the promotion. Percentages can range anywhere between 5% and 50%. 


If you see the term reload when referring to casino bonus offers, this means that the advertised promotion can be accessed by all existing customers. This is the primary difference between welcome bonuses and reload bonuses, as welcome bonuses are usually a one-time offer, and can only be accessed by new players.

When you look through the best casino bonus sites on this page, you will find an abundance of reload offers, for this is what creates a great overall experience. Some of the typical reload bonuses that you can access are listed below.

Reload matched deposit

Although deposit matches can be quite large for welcome bonuses, they are sometimes quite rewarding for reload bonuses. They will be smaller than 100%, but having the chance to get your deposit matched by up to 50% is of course advantageous.

Reload free spins

Sometimes this type of casino reload bonus will be offered to you without any deposit requirement, or you may need to bet some money first. Regardless of the initial requirement, free spins always create the opportunity to spin those reels without wagering real money. 

Rakeback Bonus

This might be a new term for some of you reading this, so let us clear things up regarding rakeback bonuses. These are specifically related to online poker, and to fully grasp this term, you have to first learn what a ‘rake’ is. This is simply the cut that an online casino takes from the pot during a hand of poker. It’s a way of casinos managing to make a profit from facilitating the games. To be honest, this is fairly standard and not something that is unique to NZ online casinos. 

Of course, when you are involved in these pots, if you win a hand, part of your winnings will be taken through the rake. Enter the rakeback bonus. Based on a specific timeframe, which could be a day, a week or a month depending on your chosen site, you’ll receive a portion of your rake back (hence the name). This is always a set percentage. Over the long run, especially if you are an avid poker player, this is definitely one of the best casino bonuses out there for regular rewards.

VIP Perks

VIP programs or loyalty programs as they are sometimes called, are a way for the best casino bonus platforms to give you special treatment in exchange for your custom. Before we jump into the more common perks, let us clarify something. VIP perks can now be enjoyed by most players, so you don’t have to be a high-roller to get special treatment. This is an adaptation many sites are making, especially new gambling sites which operate in a more modern, inclusive manner. 

Here are some of the common casino promotions you can get once you’re part of a VIP program:

Faster Withdrawals

Slow withdrawals can be a pain. Believe us, we are speaking from experience. It’s always exciting when you win any cash at online casinos. But that excitement can soon turn to frustration when withdrawals are taking days to process. These frustrations can be removed with this awesome VIP perk, where you can benefit from fast withdrawals. In fact, withdrawals often come through within just a few hours. Some sites even support instant withdrawals, depending on your selected method. 

Customised Bonus Offers

By signing up at our recommended sites, you’ll be treated to a wide range of casino bonuses. These sites also serve up customised bonus offers as part of their VIP perks. That’s right, some of the best casino bonuses will be unique to you once you’re part of the VIP program and they tend to be based on your playing activity. 

Increased Matched Deposit Deals

Matched deposits are some of the most common of all casino bonuses. More often than not, the value you get on top of your bonuses can fluctuate between the 25%-100% range, although certain casino welcome bonuses can be higher than this. However, dive into the world of VIP bonuses and you might just find your deposit matches extend far higher than these numbers.


Do I need to choose just one of the best casino bonus sites? 

Absolutely not, for you can create an account with more than one of the listed platforms on this page. This gives you a chance to enjoy the entire scope of casino bonus incentives available. 

What requirements must I meet to create an account with these sites?

As long as you are 20 years old and a current resident of New Zealand, you will have no problem opening an account with any of the sites listed on this page, in accordance with New Zealand gambling laws

What payment method should I use to make sure that I get the welcome bonuses?

We always recommend using either a debit or credit card when making your first deposit. Many sites declare that the specified welcome offers cannot be accessed unless you use these stated methods, so it’s always better to play it safe and stick to these guidelines. 

Do the best casino bonuses always have favourable terms?

We tend to seek offers with favourable player terms before classifying them as ‘top casino bonuses’. So yes, the very best bonuses are not only larger than the rest, but they are also friendlier when you look into the small print too. 

How can I be sure if I’m eligible for casino welcome bonuses?

Unless you currently have an open account with the casino sites shown here, you will be eligible to claim the available casino sign up bonuses. Of course, you still need to be resident in NZ and be over the age of 20 to register.